Escaping lockdown in France, collision with tree-log and arriving in Mallorca!

A beautiful small walk on Mallorca just when we arrived, though a bit tired after a busy night trying to avoid additional tree- logs ;-D

In short, the kids and I went to Denmark, I had the gallbladder operation, and it all went just smooth. We enjoyed seeing family and celebrating halloween, despite it being different than “normally”. Philippe got the boat on a truck to get the last bit down to the Mediterranean, since all canals started closing around us.

Just before me and the kids were flying back to Mawi, the strict lockdown began in France. We decided to go anyway, and got reunited with Philippe who had been working like crazy on the boat. There is not a thing on the never ending list he hasn´t been around 🙂

Leucate France beach
With the help of a friend, Philippe fixed the grill too, and we invited for some spontaneous “hygge” with our neighbours.

Lockdown in France was not so bad, and the area had a nice beach (and flamingoes, and I just love flamingoes:)) and some nice people in the harbour. But it was time for us to get a bit more south, and Balearic islands seemed like a good stop, so after waiting for a window to go for around two weeks we finally could set off. The saying that the Mediterranean either has to much or too little wind has been very true the last few weeks. We knew there would be a bit of waves the first 24 hours, and we had been land locked so long, so I thought the kids might need some natural herb- remedy for not getting seasick. We never took anything before, and we never had a lot of seasickness onboard. But it seems like these tablets made it really bad, and Noah and Alice were seasick the whole first day (and me too actually, even though I did not take any tablets) Philippe was luckily going strong, and we made it through the day and started our beautiful nightsail with a full moon lighting up the sky.

Noah sleeping the seasickness away while the moon is rising in the back

At 2.00 am I am sitting alone in the cockpit, Philippe is sleeping and I am listening to a podcast  and suddenly I get thrown forward, there is a bang, and another one! Thoughts of containers hidden in the water goes through my head. We are in the middle of the ocean, half way in between mainland France and Mallorca, it is almost 2.00 am and we have around 2000 m of water below our keel. I just dont know what is happening, it is so scary. Philippe is up in the cockpit with me before he even is fully awake. We check all what we can from the inside and outside, but find nothing fatal, but next to us is the the thing we hit. A tree-log almost as long as the boat, submerged just below the surface. It looks pretty in the blue water when we lit it with the torch! So with a bit of a faster heartbeat we of course continue, and arrive in Mallorca the next afternoon. What a beautiful place, looking so much forward to explore the island ❤ Guess we will be here some time since the boat needs to have a proper check for damages! 

Always so magical arriving at a new place ❤


  1. Hey everybody,
    How nice to read that you are together again and in the meantime you have arrived on Mallorca, the Mediterranean after all. So great!
    Hopefully your boat doesn’t haven any serious damage
    Big huge of all of us,
    Dennis & Arianne
    Eline & Laurens
    form The Netherlands (SY Bodyguard)


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