Christmas in Mallorca

With zero expectations to Mallorca, it is just…. wow!

These last weeks have been packed with so many fantastic experiences here in Mallorca, and a lot of Christmas stuff off course. We also had to get Mawi out of the water and fix the damages from the log we’ve hit in the middle of the night on our way here. It was luckily not as bad as we feared, but bad enough, and we ended up moving into an airbnb rental for a couple of nights while Mawi was on the hard getting fixed. But since we were in a real house, with a real oven, we baked a ton of cookies and drank hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, totally Christmas feeling, and totally unexpected;-)

Out on a beautiful daysail in the bay

We have been touring the island in our rented little white Fiat Panda, hiking, climbing, going to amazing coves, to the charming city of Palma and been out daysailing and anchoring. Noah went surfing behind the dinghy and we had a fantastic encounter with three dolphins here in the bay of Pollenca. They came to the dinghy and splashed around. They were around four meters, so they seemed very big and up close from a dinghy point of view. 

In general this island seems to have it all, and for the moment this is just perfect for us ❤ 

Never have we been doing so much creative stuff, since we got an experiment/science calendar this year, and never did we bake that much either, think I had enough Christmas for now ❤


  1. Hey guys, We really love jour story about your experiences on Mallorca. Wow, mountains, snow, cookie’s, super kids, amazing!!!! Lots of hugs &kisses
    Dennis, Arianne, Eline & Laurens from Bodyguard💝


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