The end (for now)

We are back in our garden, Mawi is on land while we are painting her.

Mawi is emptied for all our belongings, and this was a lot. The amount of things we have collected during the last year is crazy. Together with a filthy bottom, no wonder she was so slow in the water 😉

It is amazing to look back at our route along the entire west coast of Europe, Canary Islands, from Tobago to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, Ecuador & Galapagos, Costa Rica and the final weeks in Denmark. We have sailed thousands of miles, Mia and Christian sailed around 3000nm. We sailed 4 weeks on board of Queen, in total 2 months of backpacking, and it has been so freaking awesome and at times hard work. Traveling like this is not just amazing adventures and great people. It is also finding out how to deal with yourself in quite and lonely times, and more importantly in the times where stuff is not going as planned (because this is how it is all the time). It is finding out how to deal with limited space, living very close together. It is finding out how to deal with different kind of food, limited showers, bad sleep, being a schoolteacher, being a family that creates space for each other despite being very close 24/7.

But, this being said, traveling like this is most rewarding. Waking up in stunning locations, sharing amazing moments of joy and beauty. Meeting lovely people, experiencing different food and cultures, spending quite times together, experiencing firsthand how the kids learn and develop, and living a more simple life close to nature. It is a gift, and I am deeply grateful for this.




Our last weeks on Mawi has been full of mixed feelings of getting close to end this adventure, and keeping the focus on the next. We left Rørvig and had a lovely slow sail to to Hornbæk, lying at anchor just of the beach. The water was crystal clear, and Marsvin were surfacing in the evening hours, and I was thinking about how lucky we have been with this beautiful weather joining us for the last weeks of cruising (for now:))

fullsizeoutput_523dOur amazing friends from the Netherlands surprising us when we arrived. Thank you for the welcome, hope to see you soon again ❤

Then we went to Swedish Ven, and the evening before our departure towards Cph, our friends from the Netherlands (we had no idea they were here – we met a year ago on the way south) had been writing a message. They were waiting for us! We could not believe it, we had not arranged anything for returning since we really did not know when we would be back and where exactly. We had certainly not in our wildest fantasy imagined that we could be so blessed that these guys despite rain, were greeting us welcome back, with banner and horns, happy smiles, sweets and coffee. What a lovely surprise. After catching up, we sailed together to inner city cph, and gathered around some pizzas and beers. Then the next surprise arrived. My dear friend Sara was there with her family, and we could all enjoy the long beautiful evening of Copenhagen in great company, friends, sailors and kids 😀


“Hop i havnen”
My birthday August 3 was just amazing, sunny and with aperol spritz ❤

And how does it feel to go on land? Well, I dont know yet, trying to keep my focus on hot showers, dishwasher, washing machine, a garden, kids in school and not checking the weather forecast. And then I could write a hundred things I am going to miss, picture below is one of them…


Turning things around at anchor in Hornbæk, sunset becomes sunrise ❤

Denmark at its best


Enjoying the heatwave and the fact that they now both read very well on their own 😀

We had entered Limfjorden and been to Livø, Aalborg and Mors. Livø was very special and charming, but in general we were not too impressed. The water looked green and was slimy, and it was as well pretty smelly in some places. The fact that is was freezing cold, rainy and we were stranded in an anchorage with a lot of wind for 24 hours just made us want to go somewhere else. So we sailed from Limfjorden to Rørvig, a long day, and once again our genaker made it possible for us to sail with 7 knots instead of 4, such a good investment 😉

The hole in the tree at Livø. It is said, that you have to climb through the tree to stay healthy. So we all did! On our way to Rørvig this old viking beauty passed us.
Enjoying visit from my mum both in the habour and at anchor.

After 12 days without going in any harbour, it was wonderful with a proper long and warm shower in Rørvig. My mum is playing a very succesful revy near by, and this was the real reason why we went here. But there is a fantastic atmosphere in and around around Rørvig (even though it is very posh), with smal craft shops, beer and ice cream stalls, fresh peas and strawberries for sale, and what the harbour is mostly famous for: the crab fishing for the kids. We were there one night, where I went to see the revy and my mum slept over in Noahs room, so cosy with visit. Very conveniently we could borrow my mums car for groceries before heading out in the bay next to the harbour. Here the water is clear,  the cows are hanging out on the beach, we are swimming, paddling, walking, talking future, playing, reading, well enjoying Denmark when it is absolutely at its best!


When you get to warm you can just slip out of the lovely hanging chair we bought in Ecuador.
Fresh peas and cattle, danish summertime..

Aalborg, but why?

Goodnight in Grenå and goodnight at Aalborg harbour front.

We had such a beautiful evening in Grenå, such a horrible night since the wind was turning, and it was quite choppy (We sat several anchor alarms to make sure we were not ripping loose, and actually managed to sleep good). The following morning was all the more lovely with Marsvin (the danish dolphin) surfacing for air in our bay while we were taking a morning swim. Then a great sail where we half way decided to go to Limfjorden, where the first bigger city when coming from east is Aalborg.

For a copenhagen girl like me, Denmarks third biggest town was never on my radar (I have never been here) So when Philippe was asking me if we should stop in Aalborg for a few days, or maybe just one day, I was very reluctant. But, hey, my “judgemental- Copenhagen- inner- something- left- from- my- younger- days” really has to admit that this town is really lovely. It is actually really charming and cool!

With Mawi in the background at the harbour bath and playing on the lawn in the city center ;-D

We are lying with the boat at the harbour front, right in front of the Utzon museum, we have the harbour bath right next to us, and the cute city center within 3 min walk. No one else is spending the night here, and we are not sure if it is really allowed, but see no reason why it should not be. It is very cosy, and we have had a lovely time in the museum, on the big lawn playing football, walking through the city, a lovely evening meeting the beautiful familie of Britt, and going for a swim in the freezing green water 🙂

The kids department in the Utzon museum was very cool, building your own skyscraper and then getting it into the minecraft game. Alice thought the scale exhibition was more interesting, playing Alice in wonderland.


Britt and I worked together 12 years ago, and now we met up with husbands and kids, thanks for the lovely visit ❤
Summertime in Aalborg…

Still “on the go”…


Even in freezing cloudy weather, he is hooked ❤

Right at this moment we are sailing with the gennakker with a speed of 5 knots while we are seeing the tennis match Federer vs Djokovic, and eating chips (ohh yes, we have internet again, I can even post this while sailing). We are heading towards Læsø or Limfjorden or…?  😉 Last night we were at anchor in Samsø, it was beautiful, and we pretended we were still in the Caribbean going to the beach and jumping in the water from the boat (the water only slightly colder and more greenish :-))

Baking cinnamon rolls & going to the beach- life is good.


Denmark, on the way to Samsø.

So for the moment we are still on the go, enjoying the short distances here in Denmark. What will be next? When are we back in Copenhagen? We dont know. But certainly before school start aug 12th…

Trying a “væltepeter”. Enjoying the Danish summer fields.
Noah going on an evening trip with the dinghy, and my mum visiting for lunch and sleepover 😉

The first week home was great, we went to our house, but quickly agreed we rather be on Mawi. Alice had her birthday in Tivoli, and we saw the nearest family. We had some great times with my mum (mormor) who has been such a great help with everything, thank you ❤ The second week was more heavy and filled with an emptiness of “what now”, and for my part longing for the wonderful warm crystal blue water of the tropics. So it feels good to still have some time on the boat, sailing, enjoying nature, the tranquility, the freedom, life and each other…

Another birthday, the most wonderful Alice turning six years ❤


Next birthday is mine, wonder where we are at that point?

Birthday cake in the Kiel canal

Ready to go, and enjoying the trip.

Leaving the lock from Lauersoog around 10.00 am out to the Northern sea we got greeted by seals popping up their head in the greeninsh water. Until midnight we sailed with the gennakker at around 4-6 knots having a very enjoyable trip. The kids where mostly seeing movies, when they weren´t snacking or eating meals with us in the cockpit. During the night the wind died completely, but it came back in the early morning at a beam reach which gave us a good push against the strong current against us.

We got through the Kiel canal lock, and with cake, songs and presents celebrating Philippes 39th birthday – yeah! We spend the night anchoring on the way, and continued the next day, arriving in Laboe on the outside of the lock around 16.00 pm. Here we stocked up on groceries and went for a walk (needed after three days on the boat) and the kids were fishing for juvenile horn- and flat- fish until ten o´clock in the evening 😉

Happy birthday!!

Next day, we sailed with good winds to Langeland, entering Denmark with Mawi again after a bit more than a year and on Sankt Hans evening (we did not see a fire anywhere though!). And after a peaceful night at anchor, we entered Nyborg havn. We are in Denmark, but the journey will continue a bit longer 😉


Summer in Denmark ❤

An unpleasant surprise…

fullsizeoutput_4d39Mawi back in the charming Dutch canals

We arrived in Amsterdam in a storm, many flights were cancelled and landing horrific. When we arrived in the harbour of Ijmuiden we were blown cold to the bones. Sand was covering the boat and blew in everywhere, and to our horror we discovered that our chart plotter (“the boat GPS”) was stolen! Not exactly the nicest welcome! Nevertheless being back home on Mawi was so good – cold, but good 😉

With a backup GPS in Ipad form we hurried away from this uncharming harbour the next day (I guess it was mostly the weather and the thefts fault we thought of it like that!) into the center of Amsterdam.

fullsizeoutput_4d35Uhmmm, dutch cheese, salat and canal cruising 😉

In Sixhafen harbour in city center Amsterdam we could make our way to the policestation to report the theft. It was quite an excursion for Noah and me. We got two lifts since we were lost (I still dont have a working phone and therefore no map! What did we do before smartphones ;)) We got the first lift from a very sweet lady and the second one with the police car (this was pretty cool).

Charming Amsterdam spoiling us with strawberry cake

While being in the harbour we of course made a trip to the city center, while making the boat ready for living and cruising once more. After a bad jetlag period (it seriously was so difficult to get over with, especially for Noah), we could start to enjoy the long beautiful evenings of European summer, cooking delicious food, and appreciate the motor-sailing with the occasional windmill, sheep and bridges to pass. An perfect way to catch up on some school work 😉

Dutch amazing ships to be amazed by, and hard school work 😉
Yeah, playing time ❤

Today we got our new chart plotter, and we are ready to go out at sea, sailing towards the Kiel canal, but before we will just be at anchor here for a day or two 🙂